VisionaryRX Industry Overview

We at Blue Diesel Data Science are proud to introduce a competitive intelligence tool called VisionaryRX. The purpose of VisionaryRX is to provide a comprehensive overview of the drug market. We believe this greatly helps the process of selecting a drug for a pharmaceutical company's pipeline, thereby reducing time to market.

Product and business development teams use numerous data sources to get information about drugs in the market. Orange Book from the FDA provides information about application holders, patents and exclusivity. Amongst others, the FDA also provides information about drug master filings and orphaned drugs. The Center for Medicaire and Medicaid services provides information on reimbursements and prescriptions going back many years. The problem with all this data is that it is not always clean or relatable. VisionaryRX is comprised of over 30 million rows of data from 6 different major sources. This data is then cleansed, consolidated and presented in related dashboards for research. The manual and error prone process of gathering information about a drug molecule is removed. What can be done in seconds in VisionaryRX would take days if done manually...and you'd still not get such a comprehensive view.

To facilitate collaboration and feedback we are releasing our Industry Overview Dashboard to the public. This is a high-level overview of the US pharmaceutical market. The video is a quick walkthrough on how you can use it.

VRX – Industry Overview Dashboard

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