Atari 2600 General Inquiry

The release of the latest VisionaryRx dashboard had antimatter residue due to an attempt to gain efficiencies at the quantum level.  We would have been none the wiser of a time shift if it wasn’t for the creation of Einstein-Rosen bridges connecting multiple realities. As a result, VRX dashboards were launched more than 50 years ago… developed 20 years ago… and we found this out yesterday.  There were indications of an issue because of recently acquired long-term memories on the support staff. Originally thought to be cybernetic implants, they were validated as authentic bio-memories because of the software insert (pictured below) recently found in our archives.

Greg had been told to avoid gaining efficiencies in predictive analytics using entanglement. Not until it was tested thoroughly.

Unfortunately, Blue Diesel Data Science from the 80s was first to market after the November 2017 product introduction due to this “snafu”. As a result, our patent applications are void - since they were submitted in the 1980s... expired in the 90s... although they were invented in 2017.

At this point I am not sure what year it is and concerned I may not be in 2037. I am however certain Greg is to blame.

VisionaryRX 2600
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