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November 15, 2017 Blue Diesel Data Science announced its Sales Integration functionality. This process and infrastructure makes it possible to integrate your unique company data with current and upcoming VisionaryRx dashboards.

At Blue Diesel, we understand that every company is unique and has unique data. We can accommodate those needs. We can integrate one set of unique data into the VisionaryRX dashboards at no cost. The only condition to this offer is that your unique data have the National Drug Code as a key. The result will be a series of additional reports. Our General Inquiry report will have a similar report titled General Inquiry along with a unique identifier representing your company’s information. All VisionaryRX reports will have secondary counterparts with like titles.

The dashboards generated with your unique data will be isolated from the main VisionaryRx dashboards in a portal exclusive to your organization.
Simply contact us with the unique data you have in mind. Visit our VRX page for timelines, more information and sign up for VisionaryRX.

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Future iterations of VisionaryRX dashboards and views will be released through multiple development phases. Please contact us using the form below or email if you or your organization is interested in development partnerships.

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