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VisionaryRX – Pharmaceutical Insight Tool

This may be a slightly unorthodox approach to a software product introduction. However, in the spirit of our application and mission we are proud to announce an alpha version of our pharmaceutical insight tool we call VisionaryRX. The purpose of VisionaryRX is to reduce the time to market for medications by addressing analyst and research bottlenecks.

Research teams frequently turn to numerous data sources to get information about drug molecules and drug markets. They may go to multiple locations to lookup information about applications, patents, reimbursements, exclusivity, etc. They gather information in an attempt to form a picture of a small segment of the market. This process is manual, error prone and in the end, does not give a truly comprehensive view of the drug market.

VisionaryRX provides this comprehensive view by bringing data together in a single platform. Bringing a drug to market is just one component of the rising cost of healthcare. Our mission is to streamline this process by providing effective analytical tools. Today we are announcing our Industry Overview Report which is designed to provide a high-level view into the U.S. pharmaceutical industry. This report is free and publicly accessible.

The video below is a quick walkthrough on how you can use it.

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Future iterations of VisionaryRX dashboards and views will be released through multiple development phases. Please contact us using the form below or email if you or your organization is interested in development partnerships.

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Future functionality in development order.
  • General RX Inquiry
    • Deeper insight into drug molecules, forms, strengths, manufacturers, drug master filings, clinical trials, application holders, Medicaid and their multiple relationships.
  • Market Look
    • Dashboard analysis of U.S. pharmaceutical markets, dosage forms, strengths, pharmacological classes, trends and those relationships.
  • Patent Focus
    • Comprehensive views of patent information, expiration, floating applications, exclusivity and related drug company profiles.
  • Orphan Drugs
    • Identification and analysis of unique drug molecules, both designated and not, designed to treat rare conditions and disease in the U.S. market.
  • Sales Integration
    • Analytical portals designed for private and purchased sales data providing organizational insight to other dashboards.
  • Adverse Events
    • Dashboard designed to define novel and, up to now, unknown indications by analyzing unique drug interactions.

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