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We provide end-to-end BI services to ensure your data integrity by migrating legacy data, integrating raw data silos, and modernizing the data infrastructure. Working with you we can build customized solutions to meet the needs of your business like nothing you’ve seen in the market today.


We have extensive experience in working with IMS and First Databank data, as well as public sources like openFDA, Orange Book, PillBox, RXNorm and Medicaid data. We can work with your existing data to build dashboards that can enhance manufacturer product selection, forecasting and pipeline development.


We have decades of experience with SAP data from programming, analytics and business processes perspectives. Let us show you how to use open source tools like R and Python to do advanced analytics without paying the unbelievable prices that SAP and other organizations want you to with their tools.

More services

More Services

Pharmaceutical Intelligence

We work with your data and create easy to use dashboards to see market trends, competitor relationships and presence in the market, count and list of applicants in the market as well as manufacturers, price adjustments over time, patent and exclusivity expiration.
Check out our free Industry Overview Dashboard.

Cloud Data Integration

We integrate your data in our networks providing rapid access to critical information wherever you are. Through the cloud or securely within your network, seamlessly and securely tied to your datacenters with very little overhead for your IT staff.

Pro Bono

We provide free of charge service for individuals and organizations whose mission is to improve the lives of individuals, animals or society. Data science is a powerful force multiplier that we believe should foremost be used for the common good.

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At Blue Diesel we are passionate about the overall mission of data science. We can help your organization form both a strategic and a tactical data strategy. What makes us differ from others is that we strongly believe the tactical is first. Don’t hire a bunch of consultants, don’t build a Hadoop infrastructure and scale for petabytes of data before you know actually what that means, or if it is even necessary. We believe in long range tactical reconnaissance into your actual data and business processes before making any overarching summations. This often means working with you on a single tactical mission that proves the process.


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